The Forest of Life – Forest School Guide was created based on the concept of being a “booklet in a healthy and sustainable form”. A lot of effort was put into developing a design which is environmentally friendly and unique both at the same time. The inner pages were printed using soy ink on environmentally friendly paper comprised of 50% recycled pulp called “Encore”. The package was made into a D-ring binder form in order to make it possible to convenient update the contents in the future.

The Forest of Life – Forest School Guide was developed with the goal of creating a guidebook breaking away from being a stiff and ordinary guidebook which is left of a shelf until it is thrown away and instead creating one which makes people want to read and keep as well as being fun, easy at the same time. The objective was to make it as fun and easy in order to allow the children of the Forest School to develop their imagination. In addition, effort was put into incorporating the message of being a “school they must take care of together” which is the core value of the Forest School. Another goal was to draw out behavior in the children in order to make their imagination a reality instead of simply being a collection of words.

The icon of the Forest School developed along with the guide contains the meaning “student+school+forest = Forest School”. This came from the idea that the forest is a “green space which the school, students and everyone takes care of together”. The guide is comprised of 2 volumes. The first volume contains a brief introduction of the Forest School as well as an explanation on how the Forest School will be developed moving forward. That is why the cover was designed using shapes that can be associated with a school. The second volume contains information on the steps that will be taken to create the forest. Unlike volume one, an attempt was made to design a cover which embodies the image of a forest. Although the two volumes were designed difference each according to the disposition of the contents they contain, green was used as the main color for both volumes in the hopes that the school turns into a healthy and green school.
illustration by Choi Chung-un
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