JTBC is a leading subscription network and broadcasting company of Korea which provides a variety of contents to its viewers based on its slogan, “Your Colorful Pleasure”. The concept of JTBC’s 7th Anniversary Commemorative Book was developed in order to add “luxuriousness and uniqueness” to its existing image and to express a “differentiated charm” which sets its aside from other broadcasting companies. The 7th Anniversary Brochure of JTBC is a special and charming booklet which was conceived by bringing together JTBC’s pursuit for “diversity” with our idea.

“The differentiation of contents through design.” The production of JTBC’s 7th Anniversary Brochure was carried out with the following goal. The modernistic silver ornament which adorns the sides of the brochure demonstrates that the sides, which can seem dull compared to compared to the front and back sides, can become extravagant design elements through the transition of colors. The silver ornaments not only make the brochure visually stand out, but it also has the benefits of making it resilient against humidity making it possible for long-term storage. The silver design elements incorporate our hopes that JTBC’s contents are remembered by viewers for a long time.

We made various attempts in the design creation process in order to come up with a “VIP channel book which contains enough charm and value to make people want to keep it”. The package line is comprised of the main book, leaflet, and stationery to commemorate the company’s seventh anniversary. The folds on the case made of thick, black cardboard were cut using a half-knife in order to accentuate the details as well as to ensure it looked luxurious and modern. We made the two objects at the top of the package join each to fix the book in place.
Color schemes such as black to gray and gray to white were used to create color gradients on the covers of the main book and leaflet as a design element. The number seven was boldly expressed as a cut out on top of the brochure board to accentuate the historical significance of JTBC. The folds on the leaflet, which is a concise version of what is contained in the main book, differs in size expressing our creative intentions to enhance the fun in reading the brochure.
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