The MNRDC is a museum in the Democratic Republic of the Congo built using cultural official development assistance provided by Korea for the purpose of promoting the value of the traditional cultural heritage and artifacts. DR Congo, which was unable to preserve its historical artifacts due to the old storage facilities and small exhibition halls, opened up a new chapter in the preservation of its cultural artifacts and enjoyment of history through the foundation of its national museum, the MNRDC.
The MNRDC officially opened its doors on November 23, 2019, being located in its capital city, Kinshasa. It received worldwide attention even being selected as one of the top 10 good news from Africa in 2019 by the international French radio channel, RFI (Radio France International). The MNRDC was designed to be operated stably and sustainability by not only letting the world know the historic value of its artifacts but also through a variety of revenue generating projects. Moreover, diverse applications were produced based on a motif inspired by the uniquely shaped roofs of the museum which resemble hats.

Design Concept
A single-line graphic motif was developed taking hints from the brilliant colors and patterns of the liputa, the traditional attire of DR Congo. The motif will be applied to various media such symbols, signages and even stationery. The single connected line signifies the connection of people to people and tribes to tribes while also containing the meaning of healing for the historical suffering DR Congo has experienced through civil war and strife between tribes. We developed the design concept with the hopes that the MNRDC will become a space which harnesses the cultural diversity of the various tribes in DR Congo.

Identity Inspiration
The roof of the MNRDC is designed in the form of a hat and has a unique exterior with differing heights. The building was designed to maximize the durability of the building with consideration for the geographical characteristics of DR Congo where there are drastic changes in humidity during the monsoon season. 
The identity was born from the design motifs inspired by the exterior form of the MNRDC. The symbol took the formative exterior as the key idea. By expressing the exterior image using a single, connected line, we aimed to give a feeling of simplicity and boldness at the time. This holds our aspirations to make the MNRDC the best museum filled with sights and wonders from start to finish.

Color Palette Inspiration
To express a more sophisticated and sensual personality being the national museum, pop colors with high saturation were used as the basic colors. The color palette was inspired by nature and the sculptures which comprise the museum while the blue of the lake, the orange of the bricks, and the green of the grass were selected in order to express the uniqueness MNRDC will have amongst the achromatic colors of the buildings in the city.

Graphic Elements
The motif of MNRDC expressed as a continuous line can be utilized in various graphic elements. This not only provides a means of dynamic communication with visitors to the museum but can be applied to diverse media in a form with expandability and continuity.
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