● Connect, define

Keyword: Link
① Relationship, bond
② Link

Exhibition Story : ‘Connecting Relationships, Defining Value’ 
We share memories or experiences related to people, objects, and phenomena to form relationships; and, through the formation of such relationships, we create bonds. Through Korea’s first-ever cultural ODA which resulted in the construction of the MNRDC, DR Congo, once a distant country from Korea, has become a closer and more familiar nation. The reason for choosing ‘link’, which embodies meanings such as relationships and bonds, as the main keyword of the art brochure of the MNRDC was to express that the construction of the MNRDC will become a medium and link which will solidify the relationship between Korea and DR Congo even further.
In line with such intentions, we derived the concept message, “Connecting Relationships, Defining Value”, being inspired by the keywords, “connect, define”. We aimed to express the value of the MNRDC by defining the connections between the various tribes that exist in DR Congo and the relationships between people into a single art brochure.

● Blueprint (#interior #straight line #connect #beginning #route #door)

Design Story:
A blueprint is the beginning of all architectural structures and is a means of showing the way forward. Countless lines come together to form planes and those planes come together to complete a single blueprint. By proactively utilizing the design element called “blueprint”, we aimed to express that mutual value is being created through the “connection” between visitors and the culture · artifacts of DR Congo and the “formation of relationships” at the same time.
By placing a door as the central element in each of the sections of the blueprint and by allowing readers to read the art brochure, one will get the feeling of experiencing the actual space of the MNRDC by looking at the blueprint showing the location of the artifacts while perceiving the MNRDC as an open museum which can be visited at any time.

Design Guide:
By utilizing the “blueprint” concept derived from a visual motif, we arranged the directionality and order of the artifacts in the brochure as well as their location using the lines of the blueprint so that they can be all seen at the same time. While accentuating the feel of the blueprint and utilizing full and zoomed in shots of the artifact title and number, we attempted to express the artifacts’ value, as is, in brochure.
The art brochure was expressed using line graphics utilizing a motif based on the actual blueprint. The brochure case was also perforated in the form of lines on the blueprint so that the lines of the brochure can be seen – adding a “fun” element to it.  
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